If phase 2 is a success and we see there is a need and want for this storyworld we have three huge budget projects ready to introduce. First is a feature film called "Agrilossus." This tells the story of Azura and Lt Roman Byrd. Azura is a free spirited young women who likes to ignore her fathers warnings and one day she becomes lost after wandering outside the city's gates. Her father, the president, assembles a team of four experts to try to find her daughter and bring her back safe. This will be amazing as its the first real entry of the storyworld where we get to see these animals up close and their environments in live action. We also get to see how humans do when they pitted against this new nature. Second project in phase 3 is an animated tv show that is mainly demo graphed to young women. About a girl and her pet mice who actively try stop scientist from doing more experiments on the animals and try to explain how nothing comes good comes out of hurting animals as they should already know. the third is the videogame. The videogame is an open world multiplayer game where the players have the freedom to do whatever they want in Agrilossus. They can hunt, capture and train animals, join clans, try to dominate other civilizations, build your own. It has thousands of missions so the player always has something to do. The player will also be able to run into character from the previous projects. Lastly the last big budget project is a novel. This is all about the history agrilossus. It takes place in Act 1 and explains why the world started starving, the wars that happened, and how experiments were done to animals.