Phase 2 is when introduce our 250,000 budget. and with that we have lined up a concept album that will have animated music videos to go with them. second we have a mobile game and lastly a digital comic book. The concept album will have tracks that will tell the history of each civilization. As well as the music videos will tell the story of how these civilizations came to be and how they live. We will also include bonus tracks that expand the story world. The next part of Phase 2 is the mobile game. The mobile game is snowboarding game and all the characters will be from all the different nations and will compete together. The additive comprehension for this will be seeing how this civilizations do on their free time and how they all get along for one period of time. Similar to the Olympics. Lastly, we introduce the digital comic book, which is divided into 3 issues, each exploring a different location of supposedly abandoned nuclear material. The story follows a group of Russian scientists exploring nuclear sites and learning that some of the animals that are evolved have might also mutated due to these exposed nuclear pool sites. We also learn what ended up happening to the protagonist of the podcast in phase 1 and that there is a whole other community living in the Ural mountains. There is a lot of additive comprehension in this story, as it tells how the Russian civilization of Terinburg acquired its nuclear power.