for Phase one its all about building pre-awareness and a fanbase. We came up with three ways to do this; Podcast, Blog, and encyclopedia. These all dont need a budget as they are free resources. It wouldn't be till Phase II when we start introducing a budget with bigger projects. the first thing in Phase I is the podcast. The Podcast tells the story of a man who gets lost in a expedition in the parts of Russia. Its a more horror genre project that will leave the listener wanting to more. The second one is a series of short stories on the website Whatpadd. It follows the journey of a South African Boy named Lazarus who was separated from his community during the migration to the mountains. This will serve as a small gateway to the readers of what kind of animals live in this new planet and what kind of world Agrilossus is. The final thing is an encyclopedia of the world of Agrilossus. This will be a website with all the information of Agrilossus. It will include animals, what they eat, their habitats, pictures, and etc. This will help the audience having a better knowledge of what animals are what and how dangerous they are when they appear in our phase 2 and phase 3.