Medium: Novel

Platform: Hardcopy Book

Characters: General Hawke - miltia leader of Destiny

President Cruz of The New America

Jason Hobbs - Solider

Logline: When tension starts to grow in Agrilossus, civilizations start going to war with each other over resources and survival. This starts the next World War and all humanity can be in jeopardy.

Summary: Its the year 3300 and most civilizations are at their peak. Life is booming in these cities but tension starts growing over power. Some civilizations want to group up to make allies and teams against others for resources, power, and dominance. A Soldier named Jason hobbs in The New America stumbles into a government meeting and learns that there is going to be a World War with all the civilizations and wants to try to stop it. he contacts General Hawke is a militia leader on the east side to help him stop this. This takes on journey through Agrilossus all the way to other side of plant to resolve and stop the extinction of mankind.