Core Narrative #4 — All In

Go to the All In beat of your Macro-Story and come up with a story concept about/during the event that targets the same demographic as the Monkey Wrench Beat.

The Hero — Who is your window into the story or your protagonist?

Hana Hong, is a citizen of the Destiny Living Dome Of West America. She is the daughter of a prominent scientist and engineer.

The Physical Goal — What do they have to accomplish by the end? What is the need?

Having accomplished the closest thing to homeostasis in centuries, they must now keep that in tact during a new threat east of America along with new experiments to animals that make predators more dangerous than ever.

The Emotional Goal — What is their emotional need?

Hana must cope with finding out one of her parents has been helping the rival from east that had brought dangers to her home.

Personal Obstacle — What is their “fatal” flaw?

she has remained loyal to her parents because she has felt they have had good moral for the safety for Destiny life Domeand all those living inside.

The Villain — Who is trying to stop your protagonist? Who is your antagonist?

villain is unknown until the second act just before the 3rd act. It is revealed to be Hong’s parent working with LAPS.

Justification — Why does the antagonist believe he/she is justified in their actions?

the antagonist believes the only way to further progress is through the creation of the hybrid animals that LAPS wants to use as weapons to rule the world.

Supporting Cast — Quickly describe some main supporting characters.

Mic is Hana’s pet rat, he’s just under the size of a normal bear. He was saved by Hanna at birth and extremely loyal.

Locations — Describe the primary locations used in the story.

The Destiny life Dome atop what used to be referred to The Rocky Mountains and its surrounding Forest. Also The LAPS aka New America living quarters. .

Logline — Create a logline for the story using the following template:

In the year 3000, Hana Hong has discovered new experiments to the already overgrown animal life running the world. After discovering who is behind the experiment she must decide between family or the well being of the “life Dome” she calls home..

Medium — With which medium will this story be created?


Why does it make sense for this medium? How does the story take advantage of the medium?

It stays with the same demographic as the Monkey Wrench, but also may interest older and obviously younger fans.

Platform — On what platform do you see this story being delivered or experienced?

wide theater release and then move to digital and streaming.

Why does it make sense for this platform? Does the story take advantage of the platform?

it will grab a larger audience by taking the pre-awareness and boosting it up to a larger audience.

Additive Comprehension — What is this story’s Additive Comprehension? What new story information does it add to the overall puzzle that is so valuable that it makes an audience want to migrate to it? Examples may include:

1.       Origin Story

2.       Major Death

3.       Character Reveal

4.       Anticipated Showdown

5.       Storyworld Reveal

6.       Other Micro-Story Reveal

4. Anticipated Showdown - by revealing the intentions of a specific group in the Storyworld at a time where harmony was finally possible..

Bowl of Cereal— Is this Core Narrative Micro-Story a one-off story or a series? Circle one.

1.       One-Off Story

2.       Series ☑️

Type of Series — If this is a series, circle the type of series it will be.

1.       Serialized

2.       Episodic ☑️

3.       Anthology

Opportunity to Shift — If this is an episodic or anthology series, you can strategically shift certain “episodes” into different mediums/platforms. If you have an idea of what that would look like, describe it here.

I imagine it in this order - Feature animated, animated television show, back to a live action trilogy. Using the same voice actors for the live action.