Grande Success

Medium: Comic

Platform: Digital iPad experience

Character: Dr. Fred Takinawa

Supporting Characters:

John Takinawa – Dr. Fred Takinawa’s brother.

Dr. Ali Boyle – Helps Dr. Takinawa.

He is a half American and half Japanese biologist who grew up along wish his brother in America.

The protagonist is Dr. Ivan Lyons, he wants to top Dr. Fred and wants to discover the cure for overgrown animals for his own business. He steals the cure after Dr. Takinawa discovered it.

Logline: In year 2030, humanity's future relies on Dr. Fred Takinawa's experiments, a biologist who is trying to find and solve the cure for overgrown animals.

Summary: Dr. Takinawa always care for his brother, their parents were eaten by an overgrown crocodile. His brother is his last relative alive but his brother’s left arm was eaten by the infected crocodile which cause his cell growth abnormal which will cause into a cancer. Dr. Takinawa must find out the cure for overgrown animals before he can find a cure for his dying brother.