Enter the Bizzaro World

Medium: Film

Platform: Theatre Feature Film


Lt. Roman Byrd - Main Character

Pvt. Cormac - Roman’s Best Friend and Partner

Pvt. Raze - one of Roman’s soldiers, a wise cracking asshole

Pvt. Sno - The Third of Roman’s soldiers, a rookie who drags the crew back but has a big heart.

Claire - Roman’s wife, they known each other since little kids. The only woman he has ever loved.

Azura - Daughter of the president of the New America

Logline: When the daughter of the President of the New America doesn't return home from wandering outside the city's walls its up to Lt. Roman Byrd and his squad to go out into this new feral world and bring her back home safe.

Summary: Azura is a free-spirited and adventurous girl who likes to ignore the warnings from her father, The President, when one day after wandering outside the city's walls she doesn't return her father begins to worry. He decides to assemble a squad of four experts that include a hunter, survivalist, marksman, and tracker to try to get his daughter home safe. The story follows Lt. Roman Byrd as he first walks into this world. His journey takes him through forests, rivers, and grass plains all inhabited by super predators. He fears as the mission will be to dangerous and he wont be able to return home to his wife but he clashes with himself for his love of his job and work.