Monkey Wrench

Medium: Novel

Platform: digital copy first and then hard copy

Characters: Antagonist is James John creator of G.M.M (genetic mutation movement)

G.M.M leader who would become the founder of New America. His physical goal is to stop the 75% of the world that is starving and making enough food to feed everyone. He is a very in control kind of guy so he doesn't let anyone try and help him.

our protagonist is Natasha Green she wants to protect Gods creations from being mutated or messed with. Her Goal is to stop James from moving forward and let the people vote to pass the law on genetically mutated animals. She is looked down by others because they believe she cares more about animals than the human raise.

Logline: A scientifically proven genius tries to to stop world hunger by creating giant farm animals to eat, but a strongly willed woman wont make it so easy on him. When he succeeds in making a chemical to make them grow. She must remember that humans should not mess with Gods creations and unleashes some mutated animals into the world.

Summary: In 2020 75% of the world population is starving and is slowly dying. James John is a well known scientist who proposes they spray crops with a chemical to make the animals giant animals and get more meat out of them to feed the population and stop the starvation. He crates the G.M.M (genetic mutation movement. Natasha Green a farm raised girl is not willing to just let humans play God and hurt these animals that she has grown to love and care for. Finding followers to fight for the rights of the animals since they cannot fight themselves. Attacking various labs and rally locations James has. James followers will not stand for this for long they also create their own military and protect the labs that are creating the chemical to do a world wide spray of crops. Even though Natasha tries time and time again to stop James he is successful in spraying the crop and creating the giant species. Having lost hope Natasha remembers That you should never mess with the laws of nature because nature will always wins. She gathers a team to go into one of the giant animal facilities and lets them loose to the world. With the animals loose they began to be attacked and eaten by other predators. The genetically modified meat had an affect on animals and made the animals who ate it grow in size as well.