Ascendant -

Andland- The andlanians are a civilization that were grouped together from whatever was left of the people of south america. The andlanians grouped up and moved back to the andes mountain building a new civilization in machu picchu. Machu Picchu is used as a sacrificial area to please the giant creatures that roam around. They use the Jaguare as the main kind of the south american and exchange the jaguares protect the andlanins from any other predators. The great king was K’inich who abide by the old rules of the amazon. This society is very smart society regarding farming and mathematics. They did follow their kind blindly and held barbarian fights at the Moray to please the king where he had jaguars placed on the outside to serve as he's lookouts and guards. The Sacred Valley was used as farmland these were just three of the big cities out on the andes mountains after the outbreak.

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Righteous -

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Nuwegrootsberg(New Great Mountain) - used to be the Drakensberg Mountains but after the wildlife evolved and nature became more dangerous the people of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique fled their countries and began to grow their own civilization in the mountains of Drakensberg and later changed its name. They adopted the government system of Constitutional Democracy, The people are the ultimate source of the authority of the government which derives its right to govern from their consent. They became one of the most developed civilizations in the world due to the fact they are biggest exporters of iron and magnesium from their rich source of basalt in the mountains. 

Self indulgent -

Maliya - Africa was split into two civilatizions during the birth of this new era. But the split was everything but peaceful. South Africa rejected the people from Algeria, Libya, and Mali due to their ”savage” practices and religions. This didn’t sit well with the Northern part of Africa. This started a civil war that would last over 35 years. Ultimately South Africa won due to the fact they were way more developed and had incredibly much more resources then the North. The Big countries of North Africa were left wiped out and with a little left of their homes and cities they all migrated to the Atlas Mountains which became the City of Maliya. A primitive-isk civilizations that use animals as there main weapons and are skilled in hand to hand combat.

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Orthodox -

Terinburg (Russia) - Once a free and thriving city of Yekaterinburg by the Ural mountain range in Russia, now a Soviet-style ghetto with an established communist regime. When the giant beasts situation worsened in Russia, the authorities told everybody to migrate to Yekaterinburg, over which they would put a big metal cage covering the entire city that will not let any huge animals in, supposedly for everyone's safety. Government masks themselves as these selfless people that only worry about everyone's survival, but as a result, no-one can get in or out without proper authorization and the people at the top essentially control the entire food and other trades supply. "Equal survival for all" they say with pride after each public announcement and then proceed to give out food stamps that wouldn't even provide enough nutrition for a toddler. Everyone knows they have entire feasts waiting for them back at their headquarters and every day could be the one when people have finally had enough. Over time, the leaders of Terinburg realized the potential of all the abandoned nuclear facilities around Russia and have been continuously sending out missions across the wastelands of Agrilossus and nuclear aftermath to bring it back to the city in order to establish power and authority in the world.

Autonomous -

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Taeback, Korean Range, and Japanese Alps formed their new society and called themselves as the Taekonese, a group of miners seeking for gold, iron, silver, tin and copper as their main source of production for their base upgrades. Their main camp is located at the peak of Japanese Alps’ mountains which is surrounded and protected by huge electric fences. Sometimes, they hide underground in Taeback when huge crickets attacks during the night. Korean Range’s crops are commonly attacked by enormous termites.

Transcendent - Destiny

Destiny aka Wes America evolved from what was left of The U.S. (excluding its former government body.) Once the experiments of L.A.P.S. became public, scientist and engineers began developing their own fortress to home what was left of the U.S. population.


Pioneers to the new world, they developed ways to travel from region to region and often carry a high intensity extreme sport quality to whatever they do. They have connected with the other mountain territories and actively try to help the overall human race succeed. They are located at the highest point of the Rocky Mountains and are inside of a large Dome that is see through. Advancements in technology and use small jet packs and wings to travel in and out of the territory.


Ambitious - New America

We see this new world as an opportunity to thrive. With our collective intelligence we believe we can someday rule the animal kingdom once again through sciences and ambitious sacrifices.

Geographically much of the what used to be the U.S. East Coast States have migrated to the top of the Mountains, taking with them the most advanced scientific minds. While keeping the mean and ruthless persona of the east coast.  

L.A.P.S. seeks to not only thrive, but rule. During the events of the grow experiments of the 2020’s, the east coast ruthlessly separated themselves and became one of the first locations to build The “Grew Animal” protective committees, safe from predators and not opened to all the public. Those initial experiments purpose were to grow farm animals to build demand for the U.S. human population.