Abandoned Power

An expedition is set out from Terinburg to gather nuclear material from abandoned facilities. Alex, the engineer is separated from the group and gets lost in a snowstorm. Without any feeling left in his limbs or any hope to stay alive, he luckily gets saved by some weird looking people that spoke a very similar language to him. 

Thankful for being alive, Alex wakes up with one leg and one arm. He desires to speak to the leader and as he is taken to him he realises that thie community h was taken in by believes in Slavic Paganism and is probably going to sacrifice him to the giant beasts. 

Being an engineer that he is, he secretly manufactures a metallic arm and leg to replace his lost ones and plans an escape. 

This story provides us with more information about what happened to the Russians that never made it or decided to not seek refuge at Terinburg.